Saturday, September 11, 2010

Live Thru Kinetics (Blog Resurrected)

I'm back on the net. Now I got to get things going again.
I wasn't really sure on how to approach my blog far as continuing. I know I want to carry out my music....
both beats/instrumental projects and my vocal project...

...but I always want to reach out to those who have the same frame of mind as I do....thinking way to damn much. So whenever I have a unique thought I will blast off on here. Oh and along with sharing my graphic artwork. I want to get this blog as active as I can with fellow music lovers. Any bloggers out there with the same M.O.....drop me a line...maybe we can politic ;)

Next month I'm moving to ATL to follow this music w/ my partner P.A.....I'm way pass excited. So as I find my way thru this new journey I will share everything....
music,thoughts and artwork.
Along with my rare brand of randomness lol

So.....the cajun is back...and to stay.



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