Sunday, September 12, 2010

Artwork: SoultapeLvL5 + STH2HD

I have a habit of making graphix on the spot of an idea....sometimes it works out...other times...well whatever.
I have a folder of beats on my hard-drive that I've been sitting on for awhile. Trying to figure out what to do with them. These certain beats have a Dilla-inspired feeling. One or two of them might make my vocal project. The rest will go to a beat-tape project that came from the idea of this cover I made last week. A full beat-tape laced up w/ a J-Dilla inspired sound and feel. When I will release it is the part I'm not sure of. Maybe when I build a decent internet buzz I suppose.

On, Charles Hamilton posted that he needed a cover for his "Sonic The Hamilton 2: HD" project so I came up with this cover art for it. Apparently some one else had the same idea far as image....and turning the image black&white...and he picked their's instead.'s mine for those who may want to use it if you dig Hamilton's music.

Ok...back to this music...holla at me people.



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