Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Live From ATL...

It's been a week since I've moved to ATL from northern area I hate with a passion. Too many bad experiences...mainly with people. I blame VA for the terrible outlook I have on people today. It destroyed the side of me that gave everyone a chance of good faith rather than playing chess moves with each person I meet. Which only built my "trust no one" factor to an obsessive standard.

Atlanta is cool. I did the vibe and the people here. For that fact people actually speak to you when walking pass you or while roaming thru a store. A lot of active music artists as well. I met my 1st female beat-smith/producer on Sunday. She's ill. I admire the way she uses synthesizers to make original beats. Her style is not one I prefer but I like her creativity and her directness. It's inspiring.

The only stress I'm having is me being in a hurry to find a job. It's only been a week so I guess I'm just...ugh...whatever. Once I find a job then my brain can relax. Unfortunately the stress part has been clipping my creative side with music. I'm still making music but the output rate has slowed down. It's not where I want it to be...or rather what it use to be. I'll post more soon...when the vibe is corrected.


Digs said...

I know that feeling Gambitt. I blame Detroit for my negative feelings toward people at times. I made the permanent switch back in 1995, and I still got memories from Detroit that haunt me.

Atlanta has changed a lot, but it's a great place to stay for musicians, and there is a lot going on here. Be prepared, as everybody you meet here is going to be involved with music to some degree, but be careful my dude, there's a lot of shark niggas trying to ride coattails and profit from your hard work. Overall, my experience has been pleasant and the majority of my best life memories have been here. Blessings.

... said...

Hey man,I'm really diggin' your music. Especially your beats and I was wondering if you're going to re-up your mega man project again?
I would very much like to add that one to my collection...

anyways, keep doing what you're doing

best regards

Joe Cool said...

yoo gambitt man we all go thru that time where we cant do what we want lik we would like 2 but hey we get thru nd past it...some faster then others anyways keep in touch big bruh i need 2 come visit sometimes

Joe Cool

Gambitt4Aces said...

...I hear you my dude. For the most part things have been good in the A...I'll feel a lot better when I finally land a job out here though. And yea, I've meet more music related folks than I ever had in VA just in a week's period.

@Joe Cool
...just let me know,cuz.

That "Mega Man" I'll re-up it soon and maybe with a few added bonus beats that I flipped from Mega Man games. But I admit....I kinda hate that project. Those 8-bit samples make me look bad in my opinion.

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