Friday, October 29, 2010

Live From ATL...continued...

Managed to pull me a job today. It's better than nothing. Washing and detailing cars. Part time but I get paid at the end of each day. I start tomorrow at 8am and get off at 8pm.

Real talk, if these idiot parking enforcers from my previous neighborhood hadn't towed my Buick last year I could of had 1 of 3 jobs to pick from just based on driving. One of then being at Domino's which was my last job before they jacked up the insurance rate and I didn't have the money to make the adjustment to the insurance plan.

So I got an idea...hang with this job and stack some bread to cop a car and roll back to Domino's. Fuck it. That is if someone from these previous applications that I filled out doesn't finally hit me up with a full-time job or at least something better than this part time detail joint. Working at Domino's was the shit. A check every other week while getting paid off tips at the end of the night and driving around...not having to stay at the store all work-day. Not to mention I really dig their cheese pizzas...smh

Anyone that lives in ATL, hit my email if you trying to kick it( I need to make some friends out here. I stay in the mid-town area on the west-side in the lofts.

@Digs...holla at me my g.

Bout to walk to Walmart to cop some more padding to finish setting up this homemade booth I got going. Peace



Reginew said...

Do wut u gotta do fam. Im tryna land a job right now too and i know its a mothafucka. Keep ur head up...Gonna be rippin sum of ur trax and droppin em in ur inbox soon fam....NeW

Gambitt4Aces said...

I hear u my g....and yea, do that.
Sometime in a few months I'mma drive back home to Louisiana. I'll politic w/ u when I touch down.

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