Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Artwork: SoultapeLvL6

*Current place, current time*
People are getting together and planning out their new year's event. Speaking about the good & bad times of 2010 rather it be personal memories, events that has happen in the neighborhood, city, state, country....the world. The news, the arts, the failures, the successes of such.

*Some where in Atlanta, GA...a dark room, red glow from a set of Beat By Dr.Dre Headphones*
.....I'm going thru folders of beats, tracks, mixes, everything that is digital piece to a form of music. The process of putting together an attack-like string of project releases. Somewhere in that process "SoultapeLvL6: Tape Noise(beat-tape)" came about.
LvL6 has my underground hard snares, hard kicks, gritty sample sound. There is a certain that I'm mixing it...trying to give it that legit "beats played from a tape" sound without crashing the the total quality. It has been working out great to be honest. I'm banking on releasing this near the end of January..

1/01/11....I finally release my "DontSayIDidntWarnU" project...then the attack of beat-tapes will go into effect.


Little Miss Knobody said...

The artwork is sick! Looking forward to the project!

Gambitt said...

good look!
....the mixing will def. fit the artwork ;)

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